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Open letter to Areyada Pavin Ponanna

Dear Areyada Pavin Ponanna,

We are extremely happy to know that your organisation ‘Nanga Kodava’ has taken the initiative to protect Kodava tradition and culture. At the same time, it is worrisome news that a few youngsters of ‘Nanga Kodava’ created ruckus at Bangalore Kodava Samaj a few weeks back by objecting to the non-Kodava bridegroom in Kodava attire as part of wedding celebrations. We have no connections to the bride or groom involved in the wedding, but as responsible human beings we feel sad that a few people spoiled the marriage celebrations. Imagine the plight of parents/relatives of the bride and groom?

If you are so concerned about the so called inter-caste weddings, do send a notice to Kodava Samajas so that they don’t provide the hall/space to conduct the weddings. Why go and create problems for the bride and groom’s families at the venues? We are sure if people are informed that inter-caste weddings are not possible in Kodava Samajas, they will look for alternative arrangements in hotels/halls. It is not like they have no options left.

In this era of globalization, inter-caste and inter-faith wedding are nothing out of the world phenomenon. It is up to the two matured adults to realize what is right and what is wrong for them. We are sure no educated man or woman would want an adhoc group to give sermons about culture and tradition in a demeaning way.

‘Nanga Kodava’ is bothered about Kodava culture and tradition, but what about certain resorts in Kodagu using kupyachaley-clad Kodavas to dance and entertain the tourists. Isn’t it hurting the sentiments? Or are they exempt from this ‘law’?

Also, there are enough of more Kodavas and Kodavathees who are qualified but finding it difficult to find Kodava partners for themselves. Why not start a forum which will help these types in matchmaking? There are enough and more reasons to pitch in and show concern, if you really want to make a difference.

We want to ask ‘Nanga Kodava’ volunteers why they didn’t question the non-Kodava bride who married a Kodava businessman in Bangalore last week. The groom’s father owns a newspaper in Mysore. The bride was clad in a sari draped in Kodava style. Do we assume that ‘Nanga Kodava’ has no guts to touch the rich and powerful?

All we want ‘Nanga Kodava’ to do is to preach about culture and tradition to the youth in a responsible way. If possible try to do something good for the community so that people appreciate your efforts and you can have an influence in community matters.

If you try to do a Taliban in Kodagu/Bangalore, then god save you guys.



35 Responses to “Open letter to Areyada Pavin Ponanna”
  1. Belli says:

    Pavin Ponanna rings a bell. Isn’t this the same guy who watched ‘Phoonk’ all alone in a theatre some time back? Hehe…phoonk to nanga phoonk…jokers i must say 😀

  2. Kodava says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Kodava says:

    First of all I would like to thank Mr. Areyada Pavin Ponanna for setting up an organization ‘Nanga Kodava’ and I appreciate their work.

    I feel very sad to say this, there are few so called Kodava’s who don’t deserve to be a kodava. If you cannot save your rich culture, tradition etc etc then you can opt for some other cast / religion. This is a message for them instead of your Kodava pedha, please change it to some Tom, Dick and Hary.

    Also Mr. Moderator, KodaguCommunity.com please try to understand what exactly ‘Nanga Kodava’ group is doing. According to my knowledge, this group has personally met the bride or groom well in advance, requested them not to dress a Non-Kodava in Kodava attire. Now tell me what is wrong in this ? A true Kodava will never have any issues with this.

    Also Mr.Moderator as you said

    “In this era of globalization, inter-caste and inter-faith wedding are nothing out of the world phenomenon. It is up to the two matured adults to realize what is right and what is wrong for them.”

    Yes, every kodava will agree your above words – you marry anyone of your choice but please keep them away from Kodava attire. Its So simple and so meaning full.

    If you know the address or details on the resorts in Kodagu who is using kupyachaley-clad Kodavas to dance and entertain the tourists, please pass those details to me and wait and watch.

    I Love Kodagu and I am Proud to be a KODAVA.

    Bariyanda Sunil Karumbiah

  4. KA12 says:

    Kodavas are victims of false pride and sad to say you are one more addition to the ever-growing list. Grooms/brides should not wear Kodava attire, but it is fine when the waiters of luxury train staff wear and make of mockery of our tradition. Where is your Kodava pride then? Please do something substantial to unite Kodavas and don’t try to split Kodavas by appreciating these inane acts.

  5. Kodava says:

    KA 12 you just want to stop the staff wear and make of mockery of our tradition.

    sure we will.

  6. Nanga Humans First says:

    I agree with moderator… I request Pavin and Co to see world before venturing into these kind of ‘misadventures’…it is scary to think how easily our youngsters are brainwashed.

  7. ponna says:

    Dear Belli..

    Pls make it clear abt JOKER


    Pavin Ponanna

  8. coorglover says:

    Pavin, why are you not replying to this open letter?…silence can be misunderstood as approval.

  9. Madaiah Chendanda says:

    Dear All,

    People who agree with Mr. Moderator of this Blog can better change their names to some Tom Dick & Harry as said by Sunil.
    Plz stop using your family names when you dont understand the values of our tradion & culture. And also plz dont represent yourself as a KODAVA anywhere.

    When a person like Pavin takes initiative to do something to save our tradition, cultute & its values… A true KODAVA can only support.

    Mr. Belli, Pavin is not a joker… Itz people like you are JOKERS… who dont understand what is KODAVAME… You must be ashamed of yourself to be a KODAVA to(If you are)to say all this.

    Proud to be Kodava,

  10. Belli says:

    Dear Madaiah, I suggest you and all the supporters of Pavin to take up jobs in Kodava Academy to serve our community better. Is Kodavame all about marrying within the community and doing all the rut in the background? Grow up mate…

  11. Anonymous says:

    I was at Blore Kodava Samaja during that incident… Nanga Kodava group is publicity hungry and is supported by some elders who are frustrated souls…simple. Ignore them folks, get on with life…

  12. Kodava says:

    Madaiah Bava,

    Very well said, few waste Kodavas (sorry to say this, but its the fact) are victims of foreign culture and sad to see few more addition to the ever-growing list.

    @ Belli – I guess you are unnecessarily worried about others job. Also Kodava Academy has its own goal and objectives.

    Be happy that few KODAVA Guys / Girls who has well Grown up / Matured, have still not forgotten their roots.

    Bariyanda Sunil Karumbiah

  13. Kodava says:

    @ Anonymous – You have shown your true color, According to you elders are frustrated souls – that means if u r parents are crossing 50+ then you call them as frustrated souls but we dont call them as frustrated souls, instead we respect them as Periyavu.

    Also one more thing, if u r a Male / female or ______, why hide and seek as “Anonymous”. Come on mention u r name. Be bold.

    Bariyanda Sunil Karumbiah

  14. Anonymous says:

    Sunil bhai…don’t worry about my gender…if you put it openly, it is your choice, no one demanded or forced you…let’s stick to discussion and facts…btw, are you the official spokesperson of Nanga Kodava gang? Kodagu is indeed blessed to good kunjis like you..hehehehe

  15. Kodava says:

    @ Anon – I m not.

  16. ponna says:

    Dear All,

    Thanx for all the comments its a good sign atleast kodavas accross globe are discussing and make people aware of our community .Its a small initiative we have taken from our group NANGA KODAVA ..THIS IS ONLY A TRAILOR , PICTURE BAKI YA MERE FRIENDS

    Any Kodava is recognised R Introduced by a Family Name Pls Respect it..Family Name cannot be bought R altered R Giftd By Parents… RESPECT IT


    Pavin Ponanna

  17. Kodava says:

    Mr Kishor Cariappa the so called Moderator of this Blog.

    Neen ore Kodavanaa ?????

    Y r u deleting the comment, which was uploaded by Udiyanda Roshan Somanna

  18. KA12 says:

    My friend, I have not deleted any comments and I know how to run this blog very well. I am not so called, but THE moderator.

    Since you have mastered the art of commenting, take the content it from him on post it here. Plain and simple.

  19. Kodava says:

    My dear KA12 according to the contact us e-mail id, that refers to Mr Kishor Cariappa.

    if u know how to run this blog, then i guess you can edit it and also One advise for u “Be Brave” Put u r identity.

  20. KA12 says:

    The loyal readers of this blog know who I am and that is enough for me. I don’t have to prove my worth to all and sundry. No one is forcing you to prove your identity here either. We are talking about some issues and names don’t matter. Hope you get it.

  21. Kodava says:


    Its up to u, as an ancient proverb ” We can take a Horse to lake, we cannot force it to drink water”

    so as u agreed that u r the Moderator, I am also seeing 8th wonder of the world, U r e-mail is linked to Mr Kishor Cariappa’s profile.

    Forget it I am not interested with it. again you yourself proved it by removing Somanna’s Comment.

  22. KA12 says:

    Tell you what…these cheap gimmicks won’t work here. I have been tracking your IP for a while and I know you are the one writing in Somanna’s name and deleting it at the same time. This blog comes with state-of-the-art tracking system. You may be new to these stuff, but we are not.

  23. Belli says:

    Jeeeez…Dear Moderator, our full support for you, you are the best. It is great that still you have not enabled comment moderation. Proves your mettle…hats off. Jokers really these are.

  24. Kodava says:

    I have some better work to do, what do u think ? playing cheap gimmicks like u. any blog or any comment in www can be tracked, i know this better than u.

  25. This is 4th time I am posting this comment, but Moderator cannot sustain with the below words I guess

    There is practically no meaning to this so called OPEN LETTER. What are you trying to prove with this? It is only hear say. A moderator should be more knowledgeable. There has never been any ruckus created in any wedding. We are more mature than you who have put up a letter on somebody’s words. No one forced anyone into anything. The protest was held outside the gate. And with regard to the second wedding that you have referred to was held in Mysore & not in Bangalore. I don’t think a moderator can be so foolish.

    If you can understand, the protest is only against use of KODAVA customs in inter-caste weddings. Why does anyone want to wed in KODAVA custom when one has no respect to KODAVAME? What do you gain out of it? No one is stopping you from wedding out of community. It is your wish. But do not disrespect our customs. If you want to show the world that you are wedding some body, you can always do so in any other way. No one will object. When you already show your disrespect to KODAVAME by wedding out of community, why do you want KODAVA custom which has its own meaning & value (if you know).

    With regards to anonymous, I am reluctant to reply because he cannot be considered a KODAVA even if he is one as KODAVAS have always been bold & open to truth. We are a warrior sect & are always proud of it. A KODAVA never hides behind a bush.

    It is your kind of globalization that brought in AIDS, SWINE FLUE, CHICKEN GUNYA, CANCER etc., We KODAVAS never knew these. Even when we buy animals, we either go for pure bred ones or just local bred ones. Cross breed has never fetched good price. That is the value of IC.

    And it need not be Pavin himself who should be replying to your so called OPEN LETTER. It can be done by any KODAVA in right senses.

    I am a Proud KODAVA .. r u one ???
    Udiyanda Roshan Somanna

  26. Sachin Mandepanda says:

    I have not posted on this blog till now but I will now. Unlike many of forums like Koadva.org or Kodavakoot.com, this blog has been different from day one, it makes me come back everyday for the different perspective if provides. I don’t agree with all that is written here, but it is a nice feeling to know good thinkers are among kodavas who have the guts to talk about some issues, for a matter of fact, this blog was responsible for Club Mahindra in Mercara to remove ‘Mock Kodava Marriage’ from their services. That was a big achievement taking on a big company like Mahindra. That campaign was covered in papers as well. If you have difference of opinion, write here, but don’t launch personal attacks against people like moderator who takes effort to run this blog. I work in Berlin and I would like to meet the people behind this blog once and thank them personally.

    Best wishes,
    Sachin Mandepanda

  27. KA12 says:

    Belli & Sachin
    Thanks for your kind words for our team. Not many of these readers know that this blog was not stated to cut-paste a forward or a joke. They don’t participate in developmental issues and get pissed off when their so-called actions are questioned. So typical attitude and I am not surprised one bit. We will continue to do what we perceive is right and there will be no change in our attitude. Both pats and brickbats are welcome.

  28. Milecruncher says:

    Sunil said “Also Kodava Academy has its own goal and objectives.”

    Its goals: wannabe connoisseur of kodava culture.

    Its objectives: Disturb others marriage.

    Who are they: Jobless goons who were laid down during recession and pavin,the one used to getting cheap publicity(rem phoonk!!alone..i say phew!!)

  29. Anonymous says:

    Next any idiots for bullshit bingo?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Just a question

    Is it a crime for Kodava to marry non kodava?

    If not, then i need help

  31. Kodava says:

    I am just copy pasting an post which was raised by an Anon…..

    Anonymous has left a new comment on the post “Open letter to Areyada Pavin Ponanna”:

    Hmmmmmmm….Pitty on some illeterates who are jumping from earth to sky saying they are the so called gaurdians of Kodava culture….

    Listen up everybody…. I am getting married to a kodavathi and i may want to do it in kodava culture itself.I am a born Malayali and bought up in Karnataka. I respect all cultures. I also want to tell you that your ” Thera” speaks in malayalam , and so many other similarities between our cultures. Even the language has a lot of similarities. Now i am not trying to convince anyone with these points. Anything could happen tomorrow. If tomorrow your children go against you to get married outside and still follow custom , you will not have the B___s to do anything so is when a powerful man does the same this , you will never interfere to bother them.

    Please think why Kodava girls want other guys, only because they are more responsible . Its a known fact that Kodava guys are very busy boozing and clearing funds from their parents bank. They are never responsible and i personally know so many families where the Lady has taken charge to take care of estate and all work related things. Men are still busy drinking. Now a days women are calculative about future. Something happens and if you kodava guys dont have the land to cultivate coffee or any other crop , then most of you will face the bitter side of life. This is something you all know.This is also because you are so lazy.

    As far as culture is concerned,tomorrow if some foreigner comes and says that we would like to get married in indian way ( which has happened earlier ) and especially kodava way , you cannot do anything , instead you will run to do everything for them.

    Lear to respect human beings feelings first and then claim your patriotism ……

    If there is someone who is little powerful with background and he should be a Kodava, please start another organization who can stop these gundaism, I am sure Kaveramma will bless you with all those sad family’s who have been bothered and will grand you every happiness.

  32. Kodava says:

    Reply from a KODAVA for the above post ……….

    It’s so funny and strange that a mallu / maliyali is speaking about KODAVA culture and according to a maliyali the people who guard kodava culture are illiterates. An Illiterate KODAVA is teaching to an A**** W**** S*** M**** Mallu; please find the correct spelling, its “ILLITERATES”. I pity for the so called Kodavathi girl, who is marrying an illiterate mallu. GOD SAVE THE GIRL

    Now you Listen maliyali, first I would explain you about your so called kodavathi then about your wish in marrying in kodava culture, also about the thera etc etc.
    There are 17 Sub Caste in Kodagu, Hence your girl may be a “KODAGUKARTHI” u clown (every girl from KODAGU, is not a KODAVATHI), do you have any proof that she is a kodavathi, if so give me her name and family name. Now let’s discuss about your wish in getting married in KODAVA ATTIRE. It’s an Open challenge to you, if you have born to a Cultured couple. Then tell me when u r getting married and where, later u will come to know the consequences.

    Yes, of course our Therey speaks in Malayalam, Tulu etc. So what do you think Maliyali people are our GOD, let me correct you – FYI Mallu’s are our labors, around 80% of labors who are working on our estates are from Kerala and they speak Malayalam. Our Main God is Our GURU KARANA and our gurukarana speaks in KODAVA Thaak. Also every year your maliyali brothers will come to KODAGU to perform the Therey rituals, later they take blessings of our elders by touching their feet and also sometimes they will be belted royally, if they do some mistake.

    What do you mean by more responsible, can you just tell me what you are up to and where you are in your life. Why you are worried with our bank accounts, at least we have good estates. What do you have few coconut plants. Listen you a** h*** every year 100’s of marriages are held in coorg, so what do you mean all those girls are fool’s. You cannot make this judgment because of one girl, we KODAVA guys are there in every field; all our youngsters are in very respectable positions. What do you think all mallu’s are hard working people instead I would like to say that you mallus are jealous of others prosperity hence try your dirty mind in putting down the prosperous person. If required, you may come and I shall show you how they waste money on Girls and Booz. Now lets discuss about the lady, you have such a great lady with you SHAKILA Aunty what more you want man. We Kodava are known for social drinking, you guys drink like a hungry pig and you don’t mind sleeping in wash rooms.

    If some non-kodava want to marry in our kodava custom we will never encourage that, even he may be from other planet. We will fight against that and come victorious in every attempt we make. We do not do anything which is cowardice.
    We have given enough respect, now its time for some brisk actions for a better tomorrow.

    Don’t worry, Mahathai Kaveramme and Mahaguru Igguthappa is with us and also there are 1000’s of Elderly parents who have gone through the pain of IC marriage are with us.

    One more thing we would like to bring to your attention is…its none of your business to involve yourself in our tradition and customs. We know what we are doing is right with KODAVA COMMUNITY as our support. We will not appreciate cheap comments and advice from illiterates like you who have no value for your own community. Hope the above is crystal clear to you and we will not tolerate unnecessary nonsense from your side.


  33. Kodava says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I posted a reply to Sunil , which is still not visible here … Looks like they are not disclosing my comments and if sunil is moderating this then he must be preparing his reply …. i will wait

  35. KA12 says:

    Comments on this post are closed – Moderator.

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